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Release Info

V1.6.2,  15/Apr/18

- NEW FEATURE:  attach an image file to the Flight Log timeline, e.g. logbook scan/photo  (an icon is added which can be opened).

- NEW FEATURE:  support for multiple licences / ratings with individual reminders

- updated medical & licence expiry calculations

- extended association of flight Categories with individual aircraft, automatically assigning a default Category for new log entries

- removed Graph display anomalies


- (not released)

V1.6.0,  9/Sep/15

- FREE - pass key restriction removed
- update to licence type options and medical validity calculations

V1.5.8,  3/Apr/11

- improvement: speed up of log entry and pagination
- debug: correction to cumulative graph totals

V1.5.7,  2/Mar/10

-  Minor debugs

V1.5.5,  14/Jun/09

-  New feature: Addition of calendar as well as engine hour service intervals

-  Date field format check

-  Insert/Delete row button on Flight Log

-  Option to sort according to departure time as well as date

-  Option to force all engine hours to be derived from flight time

V1.5.3,  24/Apr/09

-  Solved minor problem when importing records with multiple sub-categories to new Log-It log.

V1.5.2,  18/Apr/09

-  Applied workaround for known Excel 2002 SP3 problem where control buttons would "move" after printing

V1.5.1,  5/Jan/09

-  Resolved bug with 15th "Aircraft To Be Logged" field when it is selected on a Flight Log entry.

V1.5.0,  1/Jan/09

-  Extended CATEGORY logging, summarising and graphing, allowing:

    - multiple categories for a given flight (e.g. SINGLE-ENGINE and INSTRUMENT)

    - assignment of portions of a flight to an additional category (e.g. 30min of AEROBATICS as part of SINGLE ENGINE flight)

-  Switch to optionally hide supplementary log entries on the Flight Log

-  Extended range for Flight Category and Aircraft flown to 15

-  PPL(A) reminders

V1.4.9,  11/Nov/08

-  Removed reference to superfluous software library that caused run-time errors in Office 2007

-  Removed dependence on Microsoft Excel Analysis ToolPak, to simplify installation & setup

V1.4.8,  14/Sep/08

-  Extended flight sub-range selection options.
   Combinations of [SHIFT or CTRL] + [CLICK or DRAG] are now all supported for selecting sub-totals on the Flight Log.

-  Improvement to import of data from previous Log-It after upgrade: field formats are maintained on Flight Log.

-  Removal of a bug which caused time of fuel tank refill option on Particulars sheet to be ignored.

V1.4.7,  12/Sep/08

-  New option added to allow user to choose if calculated flight time is automatically spit between day/night

V1.4.6,  11/Sep/08

-  Resolved problem where pop-up advance warnings of pending expiry dates failed to appear

V1.4.5,  3/Aug/08

-  Flight Log pagination delimiters now support change of physical logbook style (i.e. can reflect differing numbers of entries per page)

-  Debug: flights-per-day on log sheets no longer include engine run-ups as a flight

-  Automatic import of data from old Log-It records added to ease upgrade to new version of Log-It

V1.4.4,  28/May/08

-  Auto-activation of Analysis ToolPak Add-in to prevent numerical problems on "Particulars" sheet
   (equivalent to Tools->Add-Ins->[enable Analysis ToolPak])

V1.4.3,  8/May/08

-  Flexibility added to fuel addition calculations

V1.4.2,  18/Apr/08

-  Flight count added

-  Reminder for radio equipment licence added

V1.4.1,  15/Apr/08

-  Fixed graphing error when clearing a log entry

V1.4,  2/Apr/08

-  Released locked cells when selecting sub-categories on Flight Log

-  Removed intermittent ref# error in graph title display


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