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Release Info

V4.0.0,  1/Oct/17

- Updated for compatibility with Bing Maps v8

- Updated to interface with new Met Office website

- Updated CTAs and danger areas

V3.2.0,  9/Sep/15

- FREE - pass key restriction removed

V3.1.8,  2/Mar/13
- debug: fix to NOTAM download following change to NATS website

V3.1.7,  10/Mar/12
- updated CTR for Manchester Airport
- special restricted airspace regions for Olympic Games (date dependent)
- debug: fixed error with fuel calculations when route is reversed

V3.1.6,  16/Jul/11
- debug: fixed intermittent date error when importing saved plans
- debug: fixed intermittent sunrise/sunset calculation error when importing saved plans
- debug: fixed inability to download NOTAMs more than a week in advance
- debug: fixed numerical error affecting positioning of local waypoints in map view

V3.1.5,  30/Apr/11
- debug: fix to accommodate change in NATS web site data format which prevented NOTAM download
- debug: removal of compile error message when attempting to download contingency NOTAMs

V3.1.4,  3/Apr/11
- debug: timezone wrongly used in departure time in "Times" summary fields
- debug: "Clear" form button wrongly set timezone to UTC+0

V3.1.3,  26/Feb/11
- debug: fixed segment display problem where elevation fields were not updating

V3.1.2,  6/Feb/11
- more intuitive addition of segments in map view when appending to route

- debug: updated "stopoff" tickbox to prevent elevation info being zero'd when unclicked.

- debug: restored ability to recognise ICAO and other airfield IDs in flight plan sheet

- debug: error in displaying airspeed when scrolling between segments

V3.1.1,  1/Jan/11

- Minor tweak (by request): addition of route, segment and date information to plog sheet

V3.1.0,  31/Dec/10

- New feature: user waypoint management improved

    - automatic store of unrecognised waypoints from map view or from flight plan

    - all user waypoints stored in the registry for future reference

    - user waypoints highlighted in Waypoint sheet view

- debug:  fixed stopoff 'unclick' option for user waypoints

- debug:  fixed met info display when copying from previous segment

- debug:  fixed Microsoft explorer display problem in Map view

- debug:  fixed map view display of alternative WPs near last point of route

V3.0.1,  14/Nov/10

- debug:  removed bug arising when pre-pending a waypoint to a route in map view

V3.0.0,  13/Nov/10

- Major New feature:  Leg-It now supports multiple segments, removing upper limit on number of routepoints

    - calculations performed across full route as well as each segment

    - Met and timezone information specific to each segment

    - manage segments using either Flight Plan sheet or map view

- New feature:  Automatic selection of Flight Information Regions (FIRs) for NOTAM download based on route

- New feature:  Display of FIRs in map view

- debug: fixed intermittent problems when downloading Met information

V2.6.4,  25/Nov/09

- debug: removed problem where download of NATS | AIS  NOTAM data fails when using Windows XP desktop theme

- debug: fixed read error for validity period when loading previously saved flight plan

V2.6.3,  24/Oct/09

- shortened maximum login wait time for Met Office login
- reload of NOTAMs if data cache is more than 1 hour old
- debug: removed numerical issue with wind direction interpolation for SIGMET data
- option to display groundspeed in mph or kts
- updated waypoint database with AFDATA v020 by Mel Earp

V2.6.2,  23/Sep/09

- Key update: correct interpretation of new B) and C) codes defining NOTAM validity period, recently added by NATS

- update: London Stansted mandatory transponder zone notice added to CTA display

V2.6.1,  22/Sep/09

- accommodated new NATS | AIS confirmation for briefing validity periods greater than 1 week

- fixed SIGMET file read problem

- fixed anomalies when interpreting and drawing NOTAM active region descriptions

V2.6.0,  12/Aug/09

- New feature:  Automatic download of SIGMET information from Met Office for flight plan

- New feature: NOTAM download from NATS | AIS as well as Contingency PIBs

        - user selection of FIR (international NOTAMs)

        - user selection of validity period

- Automatic store of pilot and aircraft details in the registry

- Improved discrimination between boundaries, paths, locations and corridors described in NOTAMs

- User selection of default "home" location on map

- More user control over shading options for NOTAM display

- debug: fixed erroneous schedule and level reporting in NOTAMs

V2.5.0,  12/Jun/09

- New feature:  de-coding and graphical display of arbitrary boundary shapes described within the NOTAM

- New feature:  overlay option: en-route controlled airspace regions

- multiple concentric circles displayed for co-incident NOTAMs

- updated internal database of Danger and Restricted Areas

- source files checked for individual date and format validity

V2.4.2,  18/Apr/09

- debug: all leg fields (incl info notes etc) handled properly when graphically adding/removing routepoints

- mini feature: click "Date:" field to fill in date automatically if blank

- mini feature: (kts)/(mph) control on main sheet

- "redraw map" setting remembered after adding routepoint

- check format when adding time and date

V2.4.1,  14/Feb/09

- minor bugfix: export to Garmin MapSource was generating an incomplete file

V2.4.0,  8/Feb/09

- New feature: graphical addition and removal of route-points using map location

- New feature: map display of database waypoints local to specified route for ease of planning

- support of export of local waypoints to GPS via Memory-Map and Garmin MapSource

V2.3.6,  2/Feb/09

- Resolved bug arising from change of format in NOTAM/PIB files from NATS website.

V2.3.5,  17/Jan/09

- "Subject" and "Status" codes optionally added to each NOTAM report to assist in choosing NOTAM filter settings.

V2.3.4,  28/Sep/08

- New "Reverse Route" button on Flight Planning sheet for instant return flight calculations.

- Improved waypoint management, and re-work to help avoid intermittent Excel 2002 SP2 bug

- Applied workaround for known Excel 2002 SP3 problem where control buttons would "move" after printing

- Resolved Leg-It bug which caused some exported NOTAM files to fail to load in Garmin MapSource for

  flight plans involving waypoints near Longitude 0.0 degrees

V2.3.3,  11/Sep/08

- Resolved NOTAM problem with "false positives" being displayed arising from new items in NATS data files


V2.3.2,  4/Sep/08

- Resolved problem with flight waypoint names on Flight Plan becoming reset when re-sorting Waypoints database list

V2.3.1,  30/Aug/08

- Waypoint database update

V2.3.0,  19/Aug/08

- Major new release supports export of NOTAMs to Garmin MapSource as well as Memory-Map

V2.2.4,  3/Aug/08

- Position and Radius details added to NOTAM information fields

- Removed waypoint database auto-search bug

- Latest waypoint database added (version 018) - courtesy Mel Earp

V2.2.3,  14/Jul/08

- Fixed display problem when generating printer-ready map view of route only

- Replaced HTML tags in Memory-Map format exported NOTAM comments with Memory-Map format codes

V2.2.2,  14/Jul/08

- Removed bugs in NOTAM distance-from-track and date filters

V2.2.1,  13/Jul/08

- Minor update to consolidate multiple NOTAM validity messages into one single message


V2.2.0,  12/Jul/08

- Major new release to support changed NOTAM and PIB format from NATs

- Display of en-route restricted airspace regions added

- All European ICAO codes added to waypoint database

- Minor new user interface features


V2.1.8,  18/Jun/08

- Added automatic splitting of long routes into 5-leg segments when importing from Memory-Map or MapSource

- fixed rare numerical problem when converting between co-ordinate formats

V2.1.7,  25/May/08

- Supports new trial internal NOTAM display feature in Basic Mode

V2.1.6,  19/May/08

- Fixed minor bug in import of waypoint names from Garmin MapSource

- Reset NOTAM defaults to intended settings

V2.1.5,  17/May/08

- Fixed minor bug in display of sunrise/sunset times

V2.1.4,  13/May/08

- Fixed minor bug to Memory-Map route import

V2.1.3,  12/May/08

- Facility to read waypoints and routes from Garmin MapSource as well as Memory-Map

- Route import from MapSource and Memory-Map updated to support multiple routes in a single file

- Icons used for overlay export to Memory-Map matched to Leg-It icons

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