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  • Getting started

  • Context-specific help inside Leg-It

The Aircraft Sheet

  • About this sheet

  • Adding aircraft information

The Flight Log ("Plan") Sheet

  • About this sheet

  • Flight Log display options

  • Entering and changing route points on the flight log

  • Adding new segments

  • Saving your flight plan

The "Maps & NOTAMs" Sheet

  • About this sheet

  • Displaying a route map

  • Entering and changing route points using the map view

  • Adding new segments by hand

  • Adding new segments using the map view

  • Map overlays box "A": NOTAMs

  • Map overlays box "B": Danger Areas, Controlled Airspace, FIRs

  • Map overlays box "C": other waypoints local to the current route

  • Overlay Options

  • Choosing FIRs for NOTAM Area Briefs

  • Printing maps with NOTAM and other overlays

  • Exporting route and NOTAMs to file for Memory-Map and compatible GPS devices

  • Exporting route and NOTAMs to file for Garmin Mapsource, EasyGPS and compatible GPS devices

The "Waypoints" ("WPs") Sheet

  • Different ways of viewing the internal waypoints database

  • Adding your own waypoints

  • Saving and importing waypoint data


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