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As of 10th September 2015 all Air-E-Ware tools are available free of charge (why?)

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VFR Flight Planning


Download Leg-It installer v.4.0.0   1/Oct/17  Release Information
Leg-It requires Windows® 7, Microsoft ® Office and
Internet Explorer 11 or later (untested with other versions)

NOTE: if you use Avast! antivirus it may block this download claiming "DRep" virus. This is not a virus, it just means the file has not gained "Domain Reputation" because not enough people have downloaded the file yet. To get round this, disable Avast! temporarily and try again. Be assured, there is NO VIRUS in this software.

Flight Logging
& Aircraft Maintenance




Download Log-It installer  v1.6.2   15/Apr/18 Release Information 

Log-It requires Windows® 2000/XP and
Microsoft ® Office 2000 or later
(untested with other versions)


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