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PC-based applications to assist the private aviator

Friendly and accessible alternatives* to costly pro-/semi-pro flight software.

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As of 10th September 2015 all Air-E-Ware tools are available free of charge (why?)

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VFR Flight Planning & NOTAMs        

An all-in-one VFR flight planning tool. Graphical leg-by-leg route entry with unlimited route-points cross-referring to a large internal waypoint database, or import of route from 3rd party tools. All pre-flight calculations are performed automatically and presented in a mapcase-ready format. International route-specific NOTAMs are automatically collected and displayed, along with the route and restricted areas, on an interactive map. NOTAMs and routes are easily exported to Memory-Map, Garmin MapSource and EasyGPS and thence to GPS for in-flight reference.


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Flight Logging & Aircraft Maintenance-    *** New version April 2018 ***

A combined flight logging and maintenance tracking tool. Entries can be logged for multiple pilots and multiple aircraft, of which one is the Primary Pilot (for the flight log) and one is the Primary Aircraft (for maintenance tracking). The tool readily summarises pilot flight hours: overall, up to a given date or spanning a time interval - as a total or for any of a number of user-defined sub-categories. The tool will keep an eye on maintenance intervals for any user-specified item for the primary aircraft & engine and log maintenance activity automatically in a familiar format. It also issues warnings for key dates such as permit-to-fly renewal, medical renewal and NPPL validation.


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Feel free to take a look at the tools previews for Leg-It and Log-It or download copies of the tools to get a feel for them. 

Please also visit the links page - all are personal contacts with some added value to offer to microlighting.


* Private enterprise...

Although this is a "", Air-E-Ware is not a company, more of a hobby. The name's too daft for a start.

The tools are developed and distributed entirely on a private basis, with the prime objective of keeping me in the air. Each product is freely downloaded, and full-feature keys are priced at a jerry-canful or less...

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